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Previous and current projects

KingoConsult has developed and implemented a large number of projects in Denmark, Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Lesotho, and Indonesia, all with a focus on education, nature, the environment, and tourism.

We have developed teaching courses based on the local and global perspective. The materials are based on principles from Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE) and are aimed at science teaching in primary and secondary school.

We have developed and established Nature and Science Centers with a focus on a practical scientific approach to teaching and dissemination.

Further development of the pilot project Naturligvis under the auspices of Biologiforbundet with a focus on the “blue” habitats. The material is planned as a web and an app that supports fieldwork in streams, lakes, and along the coast and fjord.

Collaborators: Biologiforbundet, PortaPlay.

Teaching material based on the global challenge, the earth’s 9 barriers with i.a. climate change, loss of biodiversity, ocean acidification, phosphorus and nitrogen cycles, utilization of fresh water, and pollutants in nature. Learning and understanding are put in a larger context through students’ work with studies of the earth’s resilience and ability to regenerate from human influences.

Collaborators: Ørestad Gymnasium, PortaPlay, Concito.

Development of teaching courses for nature guides and teachers who use Amager Naturskole for fieldwork. Teachers and students are guided through hypothesis formation and other preparation in class, the fieldwork of collecting flora and fauna, and finally finishing with conclusions and report writing.

Collaborators: Københavns Naturskole, PortaPlay, Friluftsrådet.

Teaching material for practical studies of coastal and fjord areas. Description of research methods, analyzes of marine biotopes, and assessment of biodiversity.

Collaborators: Ørestad Gymnasium

App made for field surveys in lakes and ponds. Description of over 50 small animals. The study ends with the app calculating the organic quality assessed according to “Avarage Score Per Taxon”, ASPT.

Collaborators: PortaPlay, Undervisningsministeriet

Translation of Dyr i Vand.

Collaborators: Lucus and Millgate House, Birmingham, England.

App made for field surveys in streams and creeks. Description of over 50 small animals. The study ends with the app calculating the ecological water quality according to the Danish Stream Fauna Index (DSFI).

Collaborators: Lucus

Project management, design, and concept development for Rambøll of national training center for municipal environmental employees. Development of curriculum, in-service training of environmental workers as well as planning and conducting conferences and study trips for Bulgarian officials with a focus on EU rules regarding the environment.

Collaborators: Ministry of the Environment of Bulgaria, EU-PHARE.

Development of a concept for a teaching center focusing on knowledge about health and the environment in an area affected by radioactive waste from Chernobyl.

Collaborators: Slavgorod Municipality, School no 1, Mogilev District, Belarus, EU “Chernobyl Rehabilitation Program”, Frederiksborg County

Part of a project group consisting of a number of Danish companies and Polish partners who developed the concept for a knowledge and information center in the city of Zamosc. The center’s activities included professional advice to the public and private sectors, teaching pupils and students, as well as exhibitions and information on technologies related to renewable energy and energy savings. The activities are planned to cover the Bug region in south-eastern Poland, the western part of Ukraine, and the southernmost part of Belarus.

Collaborators: College of Management and Public Administration in Zamosc, Miljø og energiministeriet-DK.

Project management and development of tourism strategy in Birstona’s municipality for Rambøll in connection with PHARE – a project on the renovation of two sanatoriums and development of the tourism infrastructure in the municipality.

Collaborators: Birstonas Municipality, Lithuania, EU-PHARE PPF program, Central Project Management Agency, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Capacity development of local resource center for children to increase children’s active participation in the development of Vepsskiy Nature Park. Development and implementation of practical activities for children and young people in collaboration with the center’s employees as well as training of the employees in project work and project development.

Collaborators: Nature Park Vepsskiy Forest, Tikhvin, Leningrad Region, Russia, Pashozero Eco-Center for Vepsian Children, Frederiksborg County and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (The Baltic Facility).

Development of teaching materials and implementation of continuing education courses for teachers in practical environmental studies as a supplement to the formal teaching in primary school.

Collaborators: PPLH Indonesia and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Fact finding and project development in collaboration with local partners. Establishment of an environmental center with a focus on practical environmental education. Furnishing of rooms with laboratories for interdisciplinary science teaching. Training and supervision of employees. Development of teaching materials in connection with courses for students and teachers from primary and secondary school. Planning and conducting study trips for teachers and students.

Collaborators: Pushkin and Pavlovsk District Administration, Russia, Center for Nature and Environment in Pavlovs, the Danish Ministry of the Environment (DANCEE).

Development of concept and design for science facility at Kingoskolen. Established for use in teaching and exhibitions of student work, dissemination of student projects, workshops for science teachers, and inspiration space for collaboration between science teaching and the local industry. Fundraising, development of teaching materials, and training courses for teachers, establishing networks with local industrial companies.

Collaborators: Slangerup Municipality and Rubow Architects.

Development of a concept for a nature center with a focus on the local population’s interest and understanding of nature protection.

Collaborators: The City Council of St. Petersburg, the Danish Ministry of Energy and the Environment (DANCEE), Scanagri A/S

Establishment of practical environmental education, development of teaching materials. Courses for teachers from primary and secondary school. Study trips for teachers and students. Establishment of mobile teaching room: ‘Eco-bus’ for excursions for teachers and students.

Collaborators: Kaliningrad Regional Children Centre for Environmental and Biological Education and Tourism, CEBET, Russia, Kaliningrad District Administration, Russia, Skov- og naturstyrelsen, DANCEE.

Design, concept development, and establishment of a visitor center in Rusne in the Nemunas Delta, Lithuania with information about the local nature of the delta and with offers of events for schools.

Collaborators: The Local Forest and Nature Agency, WWF-Denmark, the Danish Ministry of the Environment (DANCEE)

Design, concept development, and implementation of Frederiksborg County Nature and Environmental Center at Esrum Møllegård. The environmental school’s activities consisted of activities for students and teachers, development of teaching materials, and participation in international projects. Establishment of ‘Miljøbussen’, a mobile teaching room for excursions for teachers and students both at home and abroad. Teaching topics within lake, watercourse, sea, forest, agriculture, wastewater, etc.

Collaborators: Frederiksborg County, the Danish Forest and Nature Agency

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