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Our daily news flow is marked by discussions about the loss of biodiversity, climate changes, plastic in the oceans, food poisoning, and other unmanageable threats to humanity. Therefore, it is important to create increased knowledge among young people about how we handle and counteract environmental changes, unexpected events and crises, by bringing these global challenges into the teaching and inspiring them to find innovative solutions based on scientific working methods. In addition to this, it is important that students learn to portray between fake news and evidence-based knowledge.

We offer teacher training courses with Inquiry Based Science Education which supports an evidence-based knowledge of nature and the environment. Biology, chemistry, physics, and geography themes are put in a current scientific context, and we emphasize that the content of the courses relates directly to the daily teaching. We develop teaching material where we emphasize practical work and innovation.

Climate change

Climate change continues to be a major challenge for modern society. With a background in physics, chemistry, geography, and mathematics, we will with analyzes and experiments illuminate the background for climate change and the consequences of the changes. An understanding of the scientific background and the changes is crucial for action options that slow down development and limit the effects.

Food and health

Eating habits and food choices are of great importance for health, the utilization of the natural basis, and for the global climate. Through dietary analyzes and understanding of the substance and energy cycle in connection with food production, participants gain a basis for being able to make choices that are important for the individual, for global food security, and for the climate. Through objective analyzes and calculations of agricultural production in Denmark, the participants can assess the potential for food and energy production on the Danish agricultural area and put this in perspective to the global food situation.

Nature and environment

Loss of biodiversity is one of the most pressing environmental problems which has both local and global consequences. We use the subjects biology, chemistry, geography, and mathematics with experiments, analyzes, and calculations to give participants and students a professional background for nature and environmental problems. By e.g. to study water and watercourse quality and marine life using scientific methods, pupils and students are qualified to participate in the public debate and relate to our exploitation of nature.

Renewable energy

Understanding the flow of energy and the cycle of matter through the global ecosystem is crucial to the fundamental understanding of the difference between renewable energy sources and other energy sources. Based on physics, chemistry, geography, and mathematics, we carry out e.g. practical experiments with solar cells, insulation of flamingo houses, and assessment of energy from solar radiation and the potential of biomass. Participants and students are given a basis for assessing various renewable energy sources and the importance of energy efficiency.

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