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Apps for practical studies in nature

Based on many years of work with the development and implementation of practical studies in nature, KingoConsult has developed apps for studies in streams and lakes. Our apps, Dyr i Vand (Waterbugs) and Dyr i Søen, are under reconstruction in connection with a new project in collaboration with Biologiforbundet and PortaPlay (May 2022).

The material is based on the principles of Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE) and supports students in group work and takes them through data collection, analysis, reflection, and presentation.

The two apps are practical tools for conducting field biological studies in nature/technology and biology, and provide students with professional background knowledge which gives them insight into the importance of biodiversity, sustainable development, and environmental protection.

Dyr i vand
Dyr i søen

Target groups

Elementary school 4th-10th class and the high school educations. The material is also suitable for leisure activities for families, scouts, and clubs who want inspiration for experiences in nature.

Our apps

4 main functions


An encyclopedia with image lookups in the scroll list. With a single click, students get the opportunity to immerse themselves in the study of animals and plants, and they gain knowledge about the interaction between organisms and the environment in which they live.


Visual instructions for the practical biotope surveys, kick test, racket test, pill test. There are lists of excursion equipment and professional background knowledge for the teachers.

Image lookups

An interactive image lookup where students can “choose” the animals and plants they find and store them in a virtual bucket or basket. There are 52 different animals in Dyr i Vand and 64 different animals in Dyr i Søen.

Report template

A report template that guides students through a description of data collection, use of data, analysis, and evaluation of results. The report template encourages students to come up with solutions to the problems they may uncover in their study. Students can comment on their work and take pictures of the site and the surroundings. When the survey is completed, the student will receive feedback from the app:
For Å og vandløb, the ecological water quality is calculated according to the Danish Watercourse Fauna Index.
For Sø og vandhul, the ecological quality is calculated according to “Avarage Score Per Taxon”, ASPT.

Do you have any questions?

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