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Teaching and Dissemination of Nature

KingoConsult supports practical science teaching through the development of teaching materials and courses with a focus on nature and the environment. Our work contributes to an increased understanding of global environmental issues such as the loss of biodiversity and climate changes.

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Teaching materials

Based on many years of work with the development and implementation of practical studies in nature and the laboratory, we have developed programs with interdisciplinary science themes. In addition, we develop teaching materials in connection with projects that deal with the environment and sustainability.


We work with apps as teaching material. We have developed apps for studies in streams and lakes for both tablets and phones. The material supports students in group work and takes them through data collection, analysis, reflection, and presentation. The various apps are practical tools for conducting field biological studies and provide students with professional background knowledge, insight into the importance of biodiversity, and environmental protection.


KingoConsult has developed and implemented a large number of projects in Denmark, Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Lesotho and Indonesia, all with a focus on education, nature, the environment and tourism. The project development and implementation takes place in collaboration with our project partners.


We develop and carry out courses in connection with our teaching materials and projects. In the courses, we emphasize practical work with interdisciplinary science. Biology, chemistry, physics and geography themes are put in a current scientific context, and we emphasize that the content of the courses relates directly to the daily teaching. We develop teaching material where we emphasize practical work and innovation.

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KingoConsult ApS (KC) has many years of experience in producing teaching materials and has participated in the development of curricula for resource centers with a focus on nature and the environment.

  • KC works to promote a scientific approach to natural and environmental problems by creating an understanding of the scientific methods and working holistically, practically, and interdisciplinary in nature/technology, physics/chemistry, biology, and geography.
  • KC has many years of experience in developing digital teaching aids and online teaching.
  • KC has experience with didactic development and continuing education courses for teachers in science communication with a focus on experiments and practical studies.

In connection with the implementation of projects, KingoConsult has planned and arranged study trips for pupils, students, and teachers. The tours are arranged in close collaboration with the participants. We have completed study trips to Denmark for foreign participants and study trips to Russia, Lithuania, Poland, and Bulgaria.

KC's core employees are:

Charlotte Schuldt

Primary school teacher, physics/chemistry and mathematics. Professional part of Cand. ped. in science, final exam in teacher certification project. Winner of NKT’s teaching prize 1998. Charlotte has developed the Science Center at Kingoskolen, supported by i.a. Birch & Krogboe Fonden. Charlotte has taught interdisciplinary science with a practical approach to continuing education for elementary school teachers. Developer of interactive and practical teaching materials for Concito and Astra. Judge for many years in Unge Forskere. Pedagogical editor and author of teacher guidance on “Videnskabet”, an interactive teaching material for physics/chemistry. Developer of apps for practical science teaching.

Jan Østrup

Cand.scient. (Biology and Geography). Jan works with the development of teaching aids for science, with a focus on the practical dimension and the digital approach. Among other things, Jan has developed apps and iBooks for use in biodiversity and water quality studies in streams, lakes, and the ocean. Jan has taught in high school and has participated in development projects focusing on innovation. Jan has also established and developed a regional center for environmental education and has many years of experience as a project manager in connection with the development of science education in international projects.

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