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  • Frederiksborg County
  • Slangerup Municipality
  • Copenhagen Municipality
  • Herning Municipality
  • Kingoskolen / Slangerup School
  • Tove Ditlevsen School, Copenhagen
  • Brønshøj School
  • Ørestad Gymnasium
  • Porta Play
  • Biologiforbundet
  • Lucus
  • Cenergy
  • Keep Focus
  • Scan East
  • Green City Denmark
  • Copenhagen Nature School
  • County centers for teaching aids
  • University College Lillebælt
  • The Danish Ministry of Children and Education, distribution funds
  • Friluftsrådet
  • Ministry of Climate, Energy and Supply, DANCEE, Baltic Sea Facility
  • The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Dansk Industri
  • EU Tacis, Institutional Building Partnership Program
  • EU Tacis, Cross Boarder Cooperation Program
  • EU Tacis, Micro Project Facility
  • EU Chernobyl Rehabilitation Program
  • EU-PHARE program
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