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KingoConsult ApS (KC) has many years of experience in producing teaching material and has participated in the development of curriculum for resource centers with a focus on nature and the environment.

KC works to promote a scientific approach to natural and environmental problems by creating an understanding of the scientific methods and working holistically, practically, and interdisciplinary in nature/technology, physics/chemistry, biology, and geography. In addition, we have many years of experience in developing digital teaching aids and online teaching. We also have experience with didactic development and continuing education courses for teachers in science communication with a focus on experiments and practical studies.

KC also works voluntarily on developing country projects in Ghana, Zimbabwe, and Uganda with a focus on education and food safety.

Through our professional and volunteer work, we have created a large network.

KingoConsult ApS

Teaching and dissemination of nature

Who is KingoConsult?

Our team

Charlotte Schuldt

Primary school teacher, physics/chemistry and mathematics. Academic part of Cand.pæd. in Science, final exam in teacher certification project.

Jan Oestrup

Cand.scient. (Biology and Geography). Works with the development of teaching aids for science, with a focus on the practical dimension and the digital approach.

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You are welcome to contact KingoConsult ApS if you have any questions or want further information about our teaching and dissemination of nature.

Curriculum Vitae

Charlotte Schuldt

Mrs. Schuldt has experience working with international and national projects and dealing with the entire project cycle. She has been consultant in project design, development of terms of reference, institutional building, training and awareness- raising.

Mrs. Schuldt has been engaged in development of curriculum and teaching methods in primary science education focusing on practical work and active participation with the aim of creating interest for Nature and science subjects. She has planned and implemented in-service training for teachers in both international and Danish projects. She conducts regular courses in diploma programmes at different University Colleges in Denmark.

Mrs. Schuldt has through a period of 25 years been an active teacher in Math, Physics, Chemistry and English in a school for 7th -10th grade. As Head of Physics and Chemistry Department she has arranged numerous workshops and seminars for colleagues. She has designed and prepared teaching materials about nature, science and society and arranged cross curricular projects. She has prepared exhibitions and visibility actions with interactive components. She has carried through the project “Science Centre Kingo” from project idea through fundraising to final project result: a new science centre for visibility and popularization of science. She has edited “Videnskabet – A multimedia project for science and environmental education”.

In cooperation with authorities and local partners she has designed and planned projects and implemented activities for Russian Eco-centres. She has prepared curriculum for science teaching in the non formal primary education, prepared teaching material, planned and implemented in-service training for teachers at Eco-Centre Pushkin in St. Petersburg and at Eco-Centre Kaliningrad. She has also developed, prepared and implemented teaching and information materials for a Nature and Resource Centre targeting the educational system in Nature Park Vepsky Forest, NW-Russia.

Mrs. Schuldt has been consultant in Danish Science Communication. She has prepared teaching material for implementation of practical science activities. She has worked for the annual campaign: “Danish Science Festival” a “multimedia street show” targeting the educational system as well as the general public, contributing with in-service training for teachers wanting to be active participants in the festival, and evaluation of science events in several Danish cities.

Mrs. Schuldt has experience in designing and implementing public awareness campaigns through work in the EU project: “Strengthening of the Administrative Capacity at Local Level, Bulgaria”. She has prepared and designed brochures with information to citizens about waste, conducted in-service training of teachers, arranged and implemented a separate waste collection event involving 300 well prepared school children.

Mrs. Schuldt is engaged in development of e new secondary level technical education (VET) targeting the fishery sector in Lithuania. The education will focus on qualifications in the aquaculture sector.

Curriculum Vitae

Jan Oestrup

Membership of professional bodies:
The Danish association of Masters and PhD’s and Danish Association of Biologists.

Other skills:  (e.g. Computer literacy, etc.)
Mr. Oestrup has excellent communication and mediation skills proven as director, team leader and consultant on national and international projects on science education and curriculum development. He is experienced in development of activity based practical science teaching and experienced as teacher trainer.

Mr. Oestrup is experienced daily user of computer (Google Sites and Drives, Word, Excel, Power Point, Adobe Photoshop, e-conomic) for communication, administration and for production of teaching materials.

Mr. Oestrup has experience in production of Apps, i-books and manuals for science education.

Present position: Independent Senior Consultant, KingoConsult ApS.

Years within the firm: 18 years in KingoConsult ApS.

Key qualifications:
More than 15 years of experience in design and implementation of projects related to curriculum development and education based on LFA and Project Cycle as a Director and Senior Project manager working in Denmark, Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus and short term in Indonesia.

Management of a number of projects in the field of science education and curriculum development, e.g. two years as Team Leader for 5 key experts and 27 non-key experts (2006 – 2008) on “Strengthening of the administrative capacity at local level for implementation of environmental legislation” in Bulgaria. Preparation of Terms of Reference for experts and arrangement of workshops and conferences for experts from pilot municipalities. Establishment of an Electronic Information System on basis of research and a National Training Centre targeting environmental experts, inspectors, politicians, NGO’s and private sector. Institutional building, development of curriculum and a complete evaluation system, preparation and arrangement of Training of Trainers programme. Arrangement of study tours to other EU countries. Arrangement of Project web for sharing information between experts. Production of leaflets and brochures for PR for the project.

Experience from establishing and managing of a county Key Environmental and Science Education and Training Institution, servicing 19 municipalities with practical science teaching programmes for secondary schools, teacher training in handling practical science education. Director for the Training Centre from “project” to public institution and finally into a self-governing institution organized as a foundation with more than 20 staff members over a period of 10 years. Responsible for financial management of the public institution. Extended experience with curriculum development, preparation of action plans, practical field activities and awareness-raising to schools and the public.

More than 10 years experience as Team Leader/Consultant with establishment of training and education centres in CIS and accession countries, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Russia, focusing on school activities, institutional strengthening and capacity building, public awareness and activities for students on Nature & science based on LFA and Project Cycle. Experience in research for training need assessment, curriculum development, preparation of training materials, planning and implementation of on-the job training, study tours, seminars and workshops.

Mr. Oestrup has many years of experience as a senior high school lecturer in biotechnology, biology, ecology and geography. He is responsible for teaching, training and development of programs and educational materials. Mr. Oestrup is experienced in development and implementation of the new subject “Biotechnology” integrating chemistry and biology and exploiting biological systems for research in practical and theoretical context. He has developed and implemented a number of projects focusing on science and innovation. He is mentor for new lecturers.

Mr. Oestrup has worked with respect and adaptability to local conditions and is interested in engagement in local society.