KC assists in Aquaculture projects for:

  • Fisheries Local Action Groups
  • Educational purpose
  • Small businesses

A container solution for fish processing


  • Holds smoking oven, cutting and packing machines
  • Can be placed by the river




A small turnkey recirculating aquaculture facility


  • Hatching and rearing fish from egg to fingerling size
  • Species such as: rainbow trout, brown trout, salmon, pikeperch and glass eel



Silute Agriculture School

Aq_red_schoolKC has assisted Siliute Agriculture School, Lithuania in introducing a new line of study:
Recirculating Aquaculture.

Arrangement of study tours to Denmark, Installation of hardware, curriculum development.



Aq_red_lignesaLignesa, fish industry, Lithuania. KC has installed a small recirculating aquaculture facility producing 1 ton of salmon per year.