ikon_red_dyrivandKC is producing apps for tablets, and is approved as App Developer.
KC has produced “DYR I VAND” a learning program for examination of water quality in streams.

“DYR I VAND” is published in English:”Waterbugs” adapted for UK in cooperation with Millgate House and Lucus.

High school and secondary school students and other people wanting inspiration for experiences in nature with focus on small animals in rivers and streams.


Learning, challenge and experience
Inquiry-Based Science Education (IBSE)
Take your iPad with “WATERBUGS” into the countryside to a stream or river. “WATERBUGS” can assist your work with finding and detecting small animals in the water and on the shore. “WATERBUGS” gives you the result of your study with an assessment of water quality. You can save your results, images from the site and personal notes in a report, which can be sent, saved, uploaded and printed out when you get home.

3 main functions:

dyrivand3_red1.   “WATERBUGS” contains an encyclopaedia, which allows students to study the small animals, invertebrates, and gain knowledge of the interaction between small animals and the environment in which they live.



dyrivand2_red2.  “WATERBUGS” contains an interactive image display of the small animals. The students can pour the animals, they find into a virtual bucket. When the investigation is concluded, the app will calculate stream quality.



dyrivand4_red3.  “WATERBUGS” contains a report template, where the students comment on their work and take pictures of the stream and its surroundings. The report, which can be printed out is generated as a final product of “WATERBGS”. Students gain the ability to participate actively in the public debate about nature and the environment.